Friday, June 28

"Ever feel like reality is more twisted than dreams?"

The Doom Generation (1995)
Second in Gregg Araki's Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy (which includes Totally Fucked Up and Nowhere), it's exactly what it sounds like--a gory semi-accidental murder, menage a trois on the run, more campy violence, all set in a dark, rotting Los Angeles. Though the acting seems comically forced at times, the film is visually striking. Amy Blue and her abrasive attitude, foul mouth, and fashion sense. Shy and idealistic Jordan White and the baffling X.

The food consumed adds to the teenage wasteland vibe. The characters' diet throughout the entire movie consists of convenience store and fast food. With a trio of apathetic adolescents and no mother to feed them, it only makes sense that their on-the-run lifestyle is fueled by cheap snacks and cigarettes. Everything always add up to $6.66. Everything else is beautiful as well, from the vast desert landscapes of outer city LA, the lights in the motel rooms, to the apocalyptic signs in every shop.


  1. Wow, after seeing this I gotta watch this movie!

    1. I totally recommend it! But there's a ton of nudity, cussing, and violence involved, I wouldn't watch it with parents, haha.